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Camanche athletic staff

Mailing Address
Camanche High School Athletics
937 9th Avenue
Camanche, IA 52730
Office: 563-259-3010
Fax: 563-259-3048
  Meg ScheblerAthletic Director mschebler@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Christina MensingerAdministrative Assistant cmensinger@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Darryl CochranHead Coach dcochran@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Ben Erwin Assistant Coach   563-259-3010
  Kris Bland Head Sophomore/Assistant Coach 563-259-3010
  TBD Head Freshman/Assistant Coach 563-259-3010
Men's Basketball
  Josh DavisHead Coach jdavis@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Dave GrimAssistant Coach dgrim@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Dustin Coit Head Freshman/Assistant Coach dcoit@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
Women's Basketball
  Brett DeNeveHead Coach bdeneve@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Morgan ErnstAssistant Coach  563-259-3010
  Chris Evans Head Sophomore/Freshman Coach   563-259-3010
Men's & Women's Bowling
  Jay GarveyHead Coach 563-259-3010
Cheer / Dance
  Carrie Leu Head Coach (Football)   563-259-3010
  Carrie Leu Head Coach (Basketball)   563-259-3010
  TBA Head Coach (Wrestling) 563-259-3010
Men's & Women's Cross Country
  Erin MontgomeryHead Coach emontgomery@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  General FordAssistant Coach  563-259-3010
  Dustin CoitHead Coach dcoit@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  David MacGrath Assistant Coach   563-259-3010
  Dave Grim Assistant Coach 563-259-3010
  Guy McCausland Head Freshman/Sophomore Coach 563-259-3010
  Sean Lawrence Assistant Freshman/Sophomore Coach 563-259-3010
  Ben Watts Assistant Freshman/Sophomore Coach 563-259-3010
Men's Golf
  Josh DavisHead Coachjdavis@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
Women's Golf
  Brett DeNeveHead Coach bdeneve@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Kevin Rolling Head Coach   563-259-3010
  Brian Andersen Assistant Coach   563-259-3010
  Kylie Vogel Head Freshman/Sophomore Coach   563-259-3010
  Diana Parson Head Jr. High Coach   563-259-3010
Men's Tennis
  Jeff Marsh Head Coach   563-259-3010
Women's Tennis
  Emily Turner Head Coach 563-259-3010
Men's Track & Field
  Lisa KunzieHead Coach  563-259-3010
  Stacy SeeserAssistant Coachsseeser@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
Women's Track & Field
  Jerry FordHead Coach  563-259-3010
  Chris TurnerAssistant Coach  563-259-3010
  Heather ClarkHead Coach hclark@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Erin Schotfeldt Assistant Coach 563-259-3010
  Stacy Seeser Head Sophomore/Assistant Coach 563-259-3010
  Andrew Schnoor Head Freshman/Assistant Coach aschnoor@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Brent CarstensenHead Coach bcarstensen@camanchecsd.org563-259-3010
  Wade Everson Assistant Coach   563-259-3010
  Ben Watts Volunteer Assistant Coach   563-259-3010