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Camanche Elementary School Faculty and Staff

Elementary School Office Phone 563-259-3016

Principal   Aimee Dohse Email
Office Staff   Jessica Witt Email
Office Staff   Alecia Goldbeck Email
School Counselor   Jaynie Orendorff Email
Librarian - Media Center   Gail Grim Email
Librarian Associate   Demi Edens Email
  Camanche Elemenary School Library Website
Pre-Kindergarten   Renae Mohr Email
Kindergarten   Chelsea Manikowski Email
Kindergarten   Samantha Pitts Email
Kindergarten   Aubrey Klahn Email
1st Grade   Sarah Buckley Email
1st Grade   Trina Mink Email
1st Grade   Annette Munck Email
1st Grade   Julie Reed Email
2nd Grade   Madelyn Schneeberger Email
2nd Grade   Bridget Knight Email
2nd Grade   Jennifer Witt Email
2nd Grade   Stacy Simmons Email
3rd Grade   Lisa Clarke Email
3rd Grade   Sheila McMinimy Email
3rd Grade   Kayleen Turner Email
4th Grade   Erin Dunham Email
4th Grade   Jesse Gabel Email
4th Grade   Courtney Crocus Email
4th Grade   Mary Hiher Email
Special Education   Shauna Merchant Email
Special Education   Donna Judge Email
Special Education   Misti Wilkening Email
Special Education   Holly Harrington Email
Special Education   Emily Drey Email
Special Education   Alexis Masse Email
Title I / Gifted Education   Sheryl Kennedy Email
  Sheryl Kennedy's Website
Title I / Gifted Education   Karen Stephan Email
Art   Amanda Wallace Email
Music   Jen Meyer Email
Physical Education   Brett DeNeve Email
Family Resource Center   Carrie Graves Email



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