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Newsletter #17-33
April 20, 2017


     There will be a shooting clinic for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders from 12:00-2:00 this Sunday in the highschool gym! Cost is $10 and all are welcome to come. If your student participated in club basketball this winter and they would like to wear their uniforms to the clinic that would be great! Thanks


     YOUR K-8 TEACHER LIBRARIAN – CHECK THIS OUT! In the elementary library we have been reading poetry with Kind. - 2nd grade students. They are working on hearing rhyme, and recognizing rhythm in poetry. I encourage everyone to carry a poem in his or her pocket on Thursday, April 27th, for Poem in Your Pocket Day. Our 3rd and 4th graders have been working on their keyboarding skills, staying on the “home row” keys seems to be the biggest challenge. Here is a nice website students can use from home to continue practice - W

     With Iowa Assessments and MAP testing looming, you might like to help your child brush up on skills in preparation. Here are a few websites to get you started.

     Although students do the bulk of their learning at school under the guiding hands of our classroom teachers, it is always a good idea to encourage learning at home as well. The school/community relationship should be seamless to our students. The extra attention to school related topics at home provides children with the message that you consider what they do all day at school to be important and want to help them be successful. Make this time with them fun and encourage them to do their best at school every day.


     Would you like to learn more about the countries of our world? Come to the Culture Fair on April 20th from 5:30-6:30 in the school gym! We have 38 dedicated and knowledgeable students who have prepared learning centers to teach us about other countries. These determined scholars are:

Josie SrpAyden KastelTalyn BartelsNolan Morrow
Kylr AdrianJosh LilesIsaac BenavidesJosh Murphy
Ethan CarterWes McDanelAlli BoothCianna Newman
Braden DavisIssac Middendorpcameron DorseyFrank Rueter
Zoey DuhmeBrooklyn QuickMatthew DunlayBrock Reynolds
Tyson GravesCamryn SchnoorEmmy ErwinChance Richards
Josh HagemeierTy StoneBen GravertRylan Smith
Sydney HansenMason ToepferGrant HagemeierJordyn Thomas
Clara HarringtonCallie WaltzLiam JessIan Witt
Lucy Hullinger Mallory McDonald 

     These students will be sharing their knowledge about their countries with students in various classrooms April 18-21. Their display boards will be at the Camanche Public Library from April 22-May 5. We hope you come and see what we have created!


     Our attendance is currently 95.57%. We as a school have set a goal of 97%. Thank you for working with us to reach that goal, EVERY DAY Matters.


     3rd & 4th Grade families - The students are allowed to take home their recorders if they choose to. In class we have talked about making sure that recorders and books go back in their school bag when done practicing at home, because we are going to continue to use them for the rest of the school year. The kids have done great work and I hope they share with you what they have learned!

     K-4 families - Please check the important dates to remember at the end of the newsletter and mark when your child(ren)'s spring music informance is! These are held in the gym, and are casual events. More details will be coming after spring break.

     If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached through the school, or by email at:

     Thank you!

     Miss Jen, Music Teacher



     2nd through 4th grade students will be taking the Iowa Assessments the last week in April. I will be providing classroom developmental lessons and small groups focusing on test preparation, test anxiety, goal setting, and motivation. If you feel your child would benefit from a small group, please feel free to contact me at 563-259-3016. - Thanks, Mrs. Orendorff, School Counselor


     1. Get enough sleep.

     2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

     3. Read the directions carefully.

     4. Read the questions carefully.

     5. Always check your answers.

     6. Stay focused.

     7. Take your time.

     8. Most importantly — Do your BEST!

Dates To Remember

Apr. 20th TAG Culture Fair
Apr. 25th Kindergarten to the Arboretum
Apr. 27th 2nd Grade to Rock Creek
May 1st Kindergarten to Bettendorf Famil Museum
May 1st Mrs. Turner’s Class Field Trip to Camanche Public Library
May 2nd Mrs. Clarke’s Class Field Trip to Camanche Public Library
May 2nd PTA Meeting at 3:30 in the ES Media Center
May 4th Ms. McMinimy’s Class Field Trip to Camanche Public Library
May 8th K-1st Grade Music Informance
May 8th 3rd Grade to Rock Creek
May 9th 1st Grade to Rock Creek
May 11th 2nd-3rd Grade Music Informance
May 12th 2nd Grade Bike Rodeo
May 12th 4th Grade Field Trip to Chicago
May 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th 4th Grade Transition
May 18th 4th Grade Music Informance
May 19th 3rd Track and Field Day
May 22nd 3rd Grade to Buffalo Bill Museum & Lock and Dam 15
May 26th 4th Grade Track and Field Day
May 30th 2nd Grade Picnic at Platt Park
May 31st 1st Grade Picnic at Platt Park
May 31st Last Day of School (provided we have no cancellations due to weather)

Yours in education,

Aimee Dohse, Principal



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