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Important Touchbase Instructions

To all parents trying to make deposits into their children's lunch account using Touchbase. You may access your account by clicking the InTouch logo at the bottom of the page.

When making an online payment into your family lunch account please be sure that you choose a student's name with a school building to its right. This will enter your deposit into the family account. You only need to choose one student for this.

If you choose just your last name with the word "WEBSITE" to the right the money will not get into the lunch account. Our system must be able to recognize someone with an account number in School Dining.

PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT as your account has already been created for you.

If you have clicked the wrong account or created a new one, please contact the Administration Building at 563-259-3000 and let them know so they can correct this for you.

If you need or do not remember your account information, please contact the Administration Building at 563-259-3000.

Thank You,
Camanche Community School District

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